Terms & Conditions

1. First check which approved layout if DTCP in district it is ok check all the documents for Visakhapatnam VMRDA projects. More than 8 flats or more than 500 square meters has to be approved with RERA ( Real State Regulation Authority) after VMRDA or DTCP approval. Otherwise they cannot do marketing without RERA approval registration number and it to be mentioned on their ad or else they are cheating, all ads must have RERA Registration number it is benefit for our investment.

2. Kindly Check Government rate in that location.

3. If Owners are charging twice or thrice Government rate it is ok.

4. Never purchase any plot if the approach road is less than 40 feet and internal 30 feet.

5. Before buying building or flat ask them to show occupancy certificate or NOC from municipal.

6. Expert engineers advise, when u buy agriculture land ask for Tippan survey of land.

7. Who ever dealing in lands ask for their qualifications ask them to show their certificate

8. It is your hard earn money , so be aware before paying money.

9. Take land in approved layout only check each documents yourself .

10. If you are buying building /flat / house check who was the architect /engineer if have seen many buildings/apartment after 3 to 4 years it looks 30 to 40 years old unprofessional people are in construction so they don’t have material, engineering knowledge many buildings I found lot of pillars it is not at all required .

11. The life of RCC building is 80 years minimum approach engineers or architect for safety quality , economical.

12. Many companies who are doing High-rise projects ask them all drawings , completion date , Penalty clauses, occupancy certificate, 5 years maintenance guarantee so that cheap material they not use.

13. Just Remember showing , sun, moon, star beside the building in brochure does not mean it is possible in real.

14. Don’t buy by seeing brochure first technical check if u r satisfied then show the property to the family.

15. Do not buy properties by seeing ads in TV. See property in live then decide.

16. Those who buy plots other than VMRDA/DTCP/VUDA layout , those who bought building or flat without occupancy certificate please form an association

17. Always buy property on some bank loan.

18. RERA approval is mandatory for more than 8 flats and more than 500 sq .meters for any venture.

19. The advantages are:

customers money is safe, with registration number u can check exactly how many acres ventures

how many sold

how many not sold

progress of work

completion date

if delay penalty and many more all documents You can view.

20. Government also advise not to buy if not registered with RERA.

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